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apple watch price review

Apple Watch Price , Release Date and Specifications

The Apple Watch is no doubt the most anticipated wearable tech , it was unveiled last year along with a Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus , but apple confirmed it’s release date and price this year in march where they showed apple watch in

How To Update The Xiaomi Mi3 to Android Lollipop 5.1

Hey guys as you know Google rolled out it’s latest Android update i.e. Lollipop but it is available for few devices only. Xiaomi provided all it’s awesome hardware at best price but where it lags is software. Mi devices started getting MIUI 6 update recently. MIUI

Get Free Internet From Space Forever : Lantern

How Awesome it will be if you get free internet everyday for lifetime? Sounds impossible huh? But in this era of technology Outernet Made it possible. Outernet Is a a United States based impact investment fund and a Non-profit organization. It’s aim is to provide free

How to Install Custom Recovery on Mi3 Using Fastboot

Hey Tech Lovers, I am back with another easy and awesome tutorial. In this tutorial I am going to show you an easy method to use Fastboot which can bring back your Dead or Bricked Mi3 to alive. Many of us face this problem while we

save more battery

How to save more battery in android ?

The one thing we all hate about our beloved smartphones is the battery life , the big AMOLED and LCD screens suck the juice from our smartphones very quickly . So in this article i will give you some tips and tricks on How to

How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android

Hi Guys welcome back. I think you guys already know about WhatsApp as it is used by almost all smartphone users. It is a messaging app in which you can send and receive messages by using internet and you can also create groups of people

pebble smart watch

Best Smart Watch 2015 : Pebble wearable tech

Day by day the craze of wearable gadgets like smart watches , health bands is increasing but still people are not adapting this change . One of the many reasons that people are not accepting smartwatches is because of there high prices , keeping this


How to Transfer Files from Android to PC Wirelessly

Hey Guys welcome back today I am going to tell you some tricks you can use to transfer files from Android to PC wirelessly. As you all know how hard it is to find USB cables when required these days. We know all the time where

download youtube videos mp3

Download Youtube Videos without any software

Yes we all love Youtube , we love to watch songs , movies everything , but the only thing that we hate about youtube is that we can’t download videos from youtube directly . So today i am going to tell you some tricks on


Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 :Review and New Features

Xiaomi along with the launch of their new Flagship device Mi4 released the latest MIUI 6 update.The company as their promise ensures that the update is available to Mi3 and to Redmi Note as well as 1s variants soon after the release. The stable version